Filling Those Blank Spaces

White walls can sometimes start to make your house feel both clinical and like it has no personal touch. There are very few ways to fill these blank spaces; whether that be creating a feature wall, lights or decorations that direct away from this, or lastly artwork.

Unfortunately, when most people think artwork their mind immediate jumps to crazy figures and the idea that maybe it’s just better to get that cheap duplicate piece you saw in Kmart. Little do they know though is that there are many different budget options that are both unique and allow you to support your local artists.

If you’re looking for something that is within budget and also lets you create your own personal touch, the Sip ‘N’ Paint Studio ‘Brush & Barrel’ is the place where you should plan your next night out. A two hour escape, you’ll be given step-by-step instructions as you paint yourself a masterpiece. The studio caters for artists of any degree so even if your best is only stick figures you will be walking out of here feeling like you’ve embraced your inner creative muse. Did we mention that you can BYO your own wine while you get messy with paints for the night?

If you’re not up to getting messy then we’ve also got a great solution for you. The Art Pharmacy is an Australian made company and website that promotes emerging Australian artists and their pieces at affordable prices. With such a large array of pieces at all different price points, you’ll find yourself flick through the pages endlessly trying to find the right ‘fit’ for your home. If you go onto their Artists tab you can also catch a glimpse and all the artists on their website and get to know who’s work you’ll potentially buying from and what inspired them.


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Filling Those Blank Spaces