Klaudia Tindall

Reception - Paddington

A little about me

Klaudia is the face you see at the Paddington front reception Monday to Saturday and also the first voice you have to listen to over the phone. Coming from a small rural background and moving to Brisbane in 2010, Klaudia has continuously pushed her confidence and due to that has grown both professionally and individually. Today she holds an energetic passion to meeting new clients and getting an insight into each and every person that walks through SPACE’s doors. Klaudia credits the desire to come in every day to do this and also the great co-workers who make her day both brighter and easier.

In her spare time, Klaudia wanders the streets of Paddington that she calls home with her partner and imaginary dog. Between chasing waterfalls, eating numerous gyozas and dog-watching the local Paddington pets, she always has a new story or photo to share. She also loves to cook up a storm and once in a blue moon the staff kitchen is found to be filled with her home-baked goods.


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90 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, QLD, 4064